It’s all good…

I think my last blog ‘OK so it is not always easy!’ hit a nerve, so many calls and emails from other advisers; the result of each contact a heart-warming partnership with each adviser going forward. I feel positive about the future, I am surrounded by great advisers doing great things, helping clients carve out a path to their own bright futures.

I’ve just commenced a Unit in the Graduate Diploma studies (pathway to Masters). A few raised eyebrows at my determination to continue to study?  I have been asked twice over past days ’why are you bothering to take on further study at this end of your career?’;  another way of saying, isn’t it a bit late at your age?  Well it is never too late, and I need further knowledge. I know I can already apply my experience and knowledge, garnered over the decades, to find the right solutions for my clients, but I can always offer better advice and smarter solutions with more learning.

For those who have not studied for a long time, or not at a tertiary level anyway, they are finding the concept of on-line learning difficult to contemplate; I am sure we can set up peer discussion groups to talk about Unit content and how to deal with assignments etc. We will just do it all together, we are a team in this profession. The learning institutions also offer great support where it is needed.

Why do I still do this?

Every day, we as advisers, make a difference to someone’s life; it might just be because we listened, it might be because we have offered a solution that will take a client towards their goals, it will certainly, be because we put the decision making in our clients’ hands.

I know I want to keep working when, meeting with a young couple last month, I was able to find a way forward for them.  They feel overwhelmed by the decisions they need to make to ensure their business will survive, they feel they don’t understand the general concepts of investing, they just need a guiding hand and some advice.

One of the upsides of a lengthy history in the industry is the experience and precedent knowledge learned over the years. Knowing how to read body language and how to chart a path between clients’ conflicting goals and how to start a conversation that will lead to the right solutions.    I certainly know it is worth it, when clients like these leave my office with the following parting comment.

“we have found someone to light up a path for us and we will walk it.”

Unexpected benefits provided by our concierge Bella

A much-loved client ‘David’ is suffering from the rapid progression of Alzheimers, only in his mid-60’s, this is devastating for his family.  That all too certain decision that must be made about when does he need to be placed into a care environment that can deliver to his escalating needs? The devastation this causes is hard to watch and sadly he was placed in respite last week possibly never to return home.

I visited David last week taking Bella with me, not sure whether I needed her support more than the residents I was about to visit! As it turned out, she was a star, as we walked down the hall to the residents’ lounge, doors opened, and faces appeared, all brightened as they caught sight of Bella, most asked ‘please can I pat her’.

She played her role well, sitting patiently while being patted on the head (she doesn’t usually like this much) and waiting until each resident had moved on.

Arriving at the lounge, she recognised David immediately and went to sit at his feet, the moving moment was when David recognised her (he did not immediately recognise me).  She is a door opener and a comforter, her KPIs have just been updated, hope she doesn’t ask for pay rise!


Eleanor Dartnall


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