This time 18-months ago I looked forward to every day with the knowledge that I would complete my task list, manage my client expectations and have time to manage my practice.

My diary clearly marked out each day’s goals; managing each new client’s onboarding appointments, time out to consider strategies and recommendations and how best to word our advice in an understandable way. Preparing and presenting reviews for my existing clients, making sure we are meeting their goals, revising goals and resetting recommendations.

Then of course there is the added task of managing my practice with all that entails and being a part of my advisory community, both within my Licensee and the broader Associations.   It was busy but not frenetic, not too stressful, I could take on board new clients, knowing that there would be time to deliver what was needed and still have time to consider how we can constantly deliver on our ‘value add’.

Today, I still do all of this, but I find I now have to fit these tasks around; additional hours of online training, new procedures to reflect new policies, back to a pre-vet of new advice documents and, for my business, the introduction of XPLAN. Oh! I forgot the development of seminar presentation slides, writing blogs for our website so that we remain relevant and what else? Mentoring two young advisers, and overshadowing all of this a compliance regime that begins to feel like the grim reaper, I won’t go on.

Did I hear you say, ‘no sweat’? well I haven’t quite finished. There is the White Paper I must write that will make sense of the research I have undertaken over the past 20 months and I need to think about the further studies I must undertake so that I can continue to give advice as my 30 plus years’ experience is not sufficient to underpin the advice I give and my prior studies are irrelevant.

I am very aware that I am not alone, on all sides I hear advisers overwhelmed by the present, I only mirror what most advisers are experiencing, so to you out there I know how you are feeling, you will understand my need to do a stock take, prioritise and learn to find a way through.

We are still lucky to work in an amazing profession helping people every day, but I have realised today that while our clients need and appreciate our help, we as professionals need to help one another as well.

It makes it easier if we talk to one another so reach out to your peers or to your Licensee or contact one of the following:

AFA Care

Beyond Blue


 AFA Care is a confidential coaching and wellbeing service, for AFA members, your staff and families.

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