You need to understand the why, where, how and what of your investments. For example, is your superannuation invested in one fund or multiple funds, depending on your work history? What fees are you paying?

When we meet, our first step is to understand you: your background, your financial journey to date, and your short-term and long-term goals, both lifestyle and financial.

Understanding what assets will pass into your estate is an essential step in planning for your family’s future: therefore, knowing what assets will pass directly to beneficiaries outside of your estate is an important component of our overall advice process.


An important step in our ongoing service to you is the review of your portfolio of assets; how these are performing and whether they need to be re-aligned to meet your changing financial needs. Portfolios are viewed at least annually; however, we will be contacting you regularly should there be any specific opportunities or challenges in the market that may affect your holdings and of course you are able to contact your adviser with any questions or concerns you may have.